I am good at beginnings.

This title has been sitting in my drafts folder for exactly a year, and I was originally going to start with something else, but I think it’ll be great for my #MMM pledge! because I’m an excellent planner, but kind of an under-enthusiastic doer.

Here we go.

‘I, X of swimmingblue.wordpress.com, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’18. I endeavour to sew a garment a week in May 2018.’

Right now, that’s:

  • Named Inari Tee Dress x 2
  • Named Kielo x 1
  • Ogden Cami x 2, but x1 by the end of May

– beyond this, for summer: finish M’s sweater, J’s hat, two Archers, make headway for a winter wardrobe (more to come later), sew up a gorgeous Bamboo coat from Waffle Patterns.

hashtag ambitious sewing plans! I’ll probably update this post as I go along.


Inari Fitting

 Inari mods after 1st toile:

– cut one size smaller
– took out 1″ from armsyce and sleeve pattern
– raised neck by 1/4″ (note: sew neck facings @ 1/4″ too!)
– did up new facings to match the new, higher neck

I was SUPER not feeling it…and considered not sewing the tee up at all, and wondered if I should even sew the dress up in the fantabulous polar bear fabric I have.

Then I fitted the sleeve band on the sleeve, and ta-dah. I would upload a picture, but my face is in it & I’m too lazy to crop it properly.

Facings and sleeves cut out!

Back WIP — I don’t have enough fabric to cut all in 1 piece, so I’m cutting out 2 back pieces – AND upside down. So raindrops = diamonds now 😅

Inari Beginnings

99% done! Just have to run it by the seamstress to get the armhole edges serged 🙂 I was quite surprised at how fast it all went together (3 days?) after the couple or so weeks that were my pants…

 I’ve been using the same fabrics over and over again (b/c yardage and don’t waste…) so after my next project I’ll finally start on something new! Can’t wait.

Yay. I think I’ll need to shorten the sleeve height/adjust armholes too. Possibly shirt length too, but thank goodness I don’t have to grade sizes! (They take sooo long.)

Fastest alterations ever?? Plus just main bodice pieces + sleeves + facings??

I only shortened the sleeve height and armscye length for this, then I’ll do a muslin! I kind of have a short list of possible mods I might need to do after the first muslin, but this is really the only one that I have to do right now!

Tempted to colourblock this tee…

Inari fabrics!

The little things (and a 3rd Scout)

– Wednesday lunch
– That 1 new thing from lit class that was cool
– 45 min nap while sitting outside waiting for my dad to come home (got locked out…again)
– EL project workload planned
– Birthday present handed over
– I know what I’ll wear
– Run tomorrow
– Get off school earlier tomorrow

So when I have an exam the next day…..