Upcoming Projects

Nearly-completed ones:

  • One pair of culottes for my grandma that took stinkingly long to finish. The stitching isn’t perfect, and I’ve ripped stitches out too many times to count – but I learnt a lot! I just have the hook-and-eye to sew on.
  • One hat for my cousin J. The Hermione Hearts Ron pattern on Ravelry. Apart from the weaving-in of ends and blocking, it’s done 🙂


  • A pleated skirt that my friend very helpfully pointed out looks like bedsheets. Cut out and serged. I’ll be sewing up the side and attempting to insert an invisible zipper over the weekend.
  • A pencil skirt. This is going to be the first clothing item I sew all by myself. Self-drafted, invisible zip, pocket and everything! Fabric: 1.5M, $5.35, 100% cotton – the stiff kind used for uniforms – from Arab Street.
  • A sweater for M! Acrylic yarn, red and white. My first. This one on Ravelry.
  • More distant projects: A mustard-yellow gathered midi skirt. Possibly cotton. If linen, I might line it with cotton lawn. One wrap dress in the style of McCall’s M6959, or a mock-wrap dress. The dress’ll be done in class – I haven’t yet figured out if I want to do the midi skirt all by myself, or not.

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