A Tale of Two Skirts

Skirt One, the $5 pencil skirt, now the Can’t-get-up-the-Bus skirt:

Business in the front…


And party on the inside!


Admittedly, I didn’t bother reading the instructions for sewing a facing into a zippered back and had to wing it. I did an inside hip curve on the sloper pattern, and had to modify the cut fabric to have an outer hip curve once I realised my error – so the seam allowances are a tad bit odd.

But look at that invisible zipper! So tidy.

Skirt Two, slightly easier because it wasn’t I who cut the fabric, but the edgestitched waistband was twice the frustration – whatever I did, I could not get the stitches to lay straight. I think I must’ve ripped the stitches out five or six times.

So. In the end, I hand-sewed it with a backstitch and good thread. A double backstitch for the bottom end, and just a single thread for the top.


I know it isn’t ironed – I was in too much of a hurry to get it tried on! I wonder how I’m going to wear it?

EDIT: More gratuitous photos here –

Side note: Weather report – terrible weather to be out in. I hope it clears up by morning so I can get my morning run in!

(Can you tell that I went to bed at 3.30am last night?)


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