On Maybes

This is your second semester (ever) of university life.

You check yourself into a double room in a campus hall. Your roommate is doing an internship this semester, and it is the fifth week of school, and you still haven’t lived with her. Things get a little lonely for a single person in a double room.

Your first week of school was really productive, but things have slowed to a crawl now. But we’ve kept going, and you think everything will be okay, eventually. You send out a steady stream of postcards to everywhere in the world, to anyone who will listen.

This is your birthday month. You have BIG, EXCITING plans, but have only ticked one item off the list. This week, you plan lots of baking time.

This is about the most exciting week you’ve had – two interviews, one speech, a couple hours of volunteering, and a sort-of first date.

Your friend date is tomorrow, and you are very, very scared, but also super excited. Your new friend is very dorky and shy, but super talkative with the kind of funny bone that makes you keep rolling your eyes. But sometimes he gets quiet and serious, and tells you not to worry, and asks you what you like and don’t like. And then he walks out with more lame funny things, and you think you might be falling in love, even though he is so annoying. Maybe it is because he is that annoying that you like him, after all. And you worry (for a bit!) that you aren’t good enough for him, or for anybody.

But hey, you have a date (!!!!!!!) and even if nothing happens, at least you have a new friend.


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