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A man after my own heart.

Adam Grant recently wrote a piece in the New York Times titled “Why We Should Stop Grading Students on a Curve”.

My feud with the Bell Curve God aside, I also understand the logic of grading on a curve. Mostly, though, my emotions have ranged from frustration to ambivalence.

I think Grant puts it well. I would like to see alternative or modified grading schemes of the sort he proposes – it sounds like it’d be a weight off our shoulders.

These past 20 days…

…I haven’t been updating this bloggy space because I’ve started university!

Yes, I did get the opportunity to study overseas, and no, I didn’t go because my family would rather I stay home )-: I’m still sore about that. Not as bitter as I thought I would be, but still…sigh. Sighhhhh.

Why didn’t I say no? I did. I begged and I promised and reasoned and talked to people. But I also know my dad struggled with the decision, and in a way, the fact that my parents at least seriously considered the option, and weighed the pros and cons of that decision the best way they could – is enough for me. I still don’t agree with it, though.

Anyway! On to the second-best thing: staying on campus! I’m now 99% settled into my room and felt at home right away. I thought it would take a longer while and I would feel more homesick, but thanks to the HDB-like feel of campus accommodation and regularly bumping into friends, everything is a-okay.

So I’m tentatively feeling my way through things. I really want to learn and grow and get out, out, out of my comfort zone and do all the things! Well, maybe not all. But you get the idea.